Your Jiu Jitsu Instructor Charges You For A Belt Promotion

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Small money (like 50-100 bucks small) isn’t always that important where it comes between people. But it certainly becomes important if there is ill communication between the sender and the receiver.

If you love your instructor money usually won’t be a big issue when they offer something to you. You know they are there for the greater good of the community and you have no problem with them succeeding financially.

If the professor is a jerk, not caring about you and the other students then anything they ask from you will seem like a lot.

You feel me?

Having said that some schools charge for belt promotions.

Maybe a teacher will give you a belt test and then promote you. Or it just may be a promotion with no test.

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I have no problem with this from a business perspective. Running a BJJ academy is a risk and a real challenge.

I think Jiu Jitsu is undervalued and most instructors live modest lifestyles. They have worked hard to achieve their rank.

If they wish to charge 50 dollars for a belt test or even a ceremony that’s fine. A belt test or assessment can take up a lot of their time and that is valuable.

Some people may say it’s BS that a teacher charges for a belt. Again, this is only true if they treat everyone like a cash register and don’t care about them as people. But if they are honest and treat you with respect then it’s hard to not want to support your professor and school.

What are your thoughts on professors charging for belt testing?


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