You Can Be Better Than You Think At Jiu Jitsu – Having Belief

getting better at jiu jitsu

Long ago when I used to run a Jiu Jitsu school I had a lot of nice people to work with.

One thing I heard one time when I tried to lend a hand and briefly correct a person in a position after class was “It doesn’t really matter coach I’m just doing this for fun. I’m not really going to be very competitive or anything”

To me, in this context it meant that they didn’t think they could get better. I would comment that they could be as good as they wanted. If you are at your school and have the time you may as well be as good as you can be.

Why not?

Sometimes people sell themselves short in the sense that they don’t believe they can be better or even great. The reality is anyone can be if they put some extra time in, even if it’s just a correction a day, it adds up.

Some people get caught up in hero worship.

They think they can never be as good as that guy or this guy. But the reality is with time and effort it’s possible. But if you don’t believe its possible then it’s hard to convince a person.

This article isn’t to say everyone needs to be a world champion. Not at all. Just be the best you can be – and if that happens to mean better than others so be it. Not everyone has to be equal in Jiu Jitsu if you are willing to put in the effort.

The other thing is the better you get at Jiu Jitsu generally the longer you can and will train. Studies show people who do activities they excel at generally remain in them longer and the better you get the safer you likely will be because you can understand dangers or positions.

Win win.

I’ll close with a quick story. I asked my professor a question one time when I lived in San Jose (Caio Terra). I said “Professor it’s impossible to pass so and so person’s guard because they are too flexible, can you help me?” He said “Impossible? Then why try to pass a flexible guard at all if you think it’s impossible.”

This helped change my mind-set – to believe that it was possible. I just needed to think deeper and work harder.

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