What’s The Right Amount Of Time Before Entering Your First Jiu Jitsu Competition?

first bjj competition

This is a common question with regard to entering a Jiu Jitsu competition.

When should your first BJJ competition be? When will you be ready?

From training a long time and seeing the landscape (listening to others) I can say it’s mainly up to you. However, no matter how prepared you are when you compete it often feels different than simply training.

But the people who compete a lot and take it in stride as no big deal seem to do well. Because competing a lot helps you compete better and become more comfortable. Of course being 100% prepared adds to results but success is obviously not guaranteed.

The point is active competitors generally do not over think it. They simply do it.

And I think this is good advice for anyone reading this.

Go have fun and compete asap if you feel like it.

BUT… Under these 3 conditions I would say it is not okay to compete yet:

  1. You have never sparred live before.
  2. You are injured or not healthy enough to according to your doctor.
  3. Your coach tells you not to.

Otherwise it’s never too late or too early. Just take it easy, have fun and be safe.

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