What if Your Jiu Jitsu Professor Doesn’t Spar With You?

Some people frown upon this. Perhaps they think of the old karate teacher with a big gut and think that they don’t know anything.

Do they?

Obviously I’m not sure. Each school is all individually based.

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Some professors of Jiu Jitsu don’t spar often with their students.

Does this mean anything?

Generally it doesn’t.

After 20 years of Jiu Jitsu it can be hard on the body. A teacher may not spar everyday or much at all if their body is banged up. If they are making you better it may not be super important to you.

No one and I mean no one will spar all the time or super hard when they hit their 50, 60s and 70s, heck even 40s. So does that mean that person cannot teach or they are not good.


Look at John Danaher. He doesn’t spar (injured) and has produced champions.

Now, on the other hand if the guy doesn’t spar because they are scared of getting beat by their students or too lazy to get in sparring shape then the culture needs an overhaul and that professor may need an ego check.


I know of a famous old-school retired world champion competitor and famous BJJ person in general (trust me he is great) who had a student who told me that he tapped him (the professor) one day and the professor was very happy because he helped the student reach that level. The student was still his student afterwards.

You get what I’m saying.

How do you feel about a professor who does not spar with their students?


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