The Positive Power Of A Good Jiu Jitsu Instructor

importance of a good mentor

A good teacher can change your life.

Sometimes having a person believe in you helps you to believe in yourself and reach your true potential not only on the mat but off.

Not everyone who joins a Jiu Jitsu school is the same. Some are timid, some are very social. Some have come from hard times or a troubled home. Some are competitive and hard-nosed. Some are soft and maybe weaker than most alpha types. It’s everyone and anyone walking through the doors coming in “as they are.”

Whatever the case may be a good teacher/leader can make a HUGE difference.

Whether you teach with credentials as a inter-galactic champion or an old man in a wheelchair how you treat people is what ultimately matters.

Where would you flourish?

Under a person who inspires and motivates you or doesn’t.

Likely the former – where you are valued.

You get to choose the people you surround yourself with (if multiple schools avail themselves in your community).

Sometimes it’s just a positive remark like “good sweep John, you are getting better,” a warm smile or a question about your life that can make all the difference.

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You never know what a person is going through when they walk through the academy doors. So a good mentor makes you feel at home. You want to train to feel good – not to add stress.

For most people Jiu Jitsu is a big part of their life. If they are having a rough time at work or at their home a Jiu Jitsu teacher can be like a mentor , brother or father figure and can have nearly as much influence.

Don’t underestimate the power of a positive instructor. They can change your life.

Tell us your thoughts about your relationship with your mentors below.


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  • I agree with you there. My sensei and coaches have helped me tremendously through life. As well as on the Tatame. I carry with me their influence and mentorship. As well as giving back as well in work, training, or in life. I am forever grateful to my teachers coaches mentors and battlebiddys who helped pave the road for me in a not so good time in my life. And showing me what the 7 virtues of bushido is. And to live by it.

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