The Non-Uniformity of Jiu Jitsu Belts

bjj belt rank system

Jiu Jitsu has yet to have a uniform timeline or system of belts across the board.

For example, adults receive green belts at some schools. I know one which uses this between white and blue belt.

Also, some have differing promotional standards such as how many times you go to class, winning in outside events, etc.

Some teachers are discretionary with their belts and promotions.

The IBJJF has laid out a minimum time line for belt promotion which isn’t always adhered to because there are other organizations.

No Gi Jiu Jitsu also promotes belts that people also wear when in the Gi.

We are not saying one is more legit than the other we are just pointing out the fact that there are differences.

Some people have said there should be a governing body where people were sent to be tested.

As with many martial arts, standards and criteria may differ from school to school.

What are your thoughts on this topic and proposals, if any, you have in mind?

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