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Not a Wrestler? No Problem…
(in fact, it’s better that you’re not…)

The Takedowns for Grappler's System Will Show You Exactly How to Beat a Wrestler at His Own Game
(with absolutely NO prior wrestling experience)

Raw Footage of Ken Using Takedowns for Offense, Defense and Sweep Scenarios

The Takedowns For Grappler’s System will teach you the exact same secrets the top wrestlers took their whole life to learn in about a week or less.

NO! This does NOT mean you are going to be kicking Olympic level wrestler’s asses in a week.

However, I GUARANTEE you will see a 70-90% difference in your game just knowing the information inside this book.

What are the problems when it comes to dealing with wrestlers?

A wrestler can make us gas out, destroy us with takedowns or even injure us.

All of the above are legit worries.

Another thing is this…

Some of you may believe you can’t learn takedowns or maybe you don't even care to (you may think it is a waste of your time especially if you mainly pull guard). I get it, you can get injured or you may be out of shape or even too old. Whatever the case may be, there’s more to it than that.


Simply knowing that you have a fighting chance and understanding how a wrestler can manipulate you will dramatically up your chances for grappling success. Understanding The Takedowns for Grappler’s System will also save you from a ton of injuries and unnecessary heartache down the road.

Your grappling sweep defense and offense will get  3-5 times the results you have right now. (I literally would not have won any of my big events had I not known takedowns, definitely not NO GI Pan Ams. And it wasn't that I used takedowns all the time. I used defense, scrambles and sweep situations to get my positions)

Most of my sweeps come from takedown scenarios on the mat with the exact techniques you will see in The Takedowns for Grappler’s System

What you are about to learn is 30 years of wrestling and over 20 years of Jiu Jitsu synthesized into one unique system served on a silver platter made just for you. Consider this the cheat code for takedowns even if you don’t feel like starting on the feet. Quite frankly I rarely start on the feet in training. I prefer using many of these technical finishes from Jiu Jitsu scenarios.

After you go through this guide and apply this  knowledge you will have a new understanding of balance and sense of coordination - especially in scrambles situations.

Now you will understand and win scrambles against elite guys. As long as you apply this knowledge then there's no reason you can't.

How easy is this book to use?

If you can read a kindergarten picture booklet then you can master this ebook in less than a month (as long as you try the techniques).

The difference in this book compared to other resources is you will see minute details and descriptions for each picture based on experience. You won't find a lot of this stuff on the internet and it isn't google-poached expertise. I learned my skills face to face.

Understanding why and how you do something is very important so you can remember it forever. This book proudly delivers on this information.

What's Inside?

Section 1

-Learn the most common mistake when you attack. This mistake occurs at the elite international level. After you learn how to do it correct you will understand why and more importantly not to ever make the same mistake. 

- Setting up slick arm drags and ducks that will catch people off guard no matter their experience level.

-How to initiate subtle fakes, redirection, misdirection and feints so you become unpredictable (a key against smart well-structured opponents.

-Plus much more...

Section 2

-Learn the exact same single leg set up and entry I learned from Olympic Champion Jordan Burrough's coach and my coach (for one year). It’s much more efficient then what I see out there today. I’ve taken down some incredible wrestlers and grapplers with this technique and you can too after learning it.

-How to finish the takedown or sweep when you have the single leg in the air. This will dramatically improve your sweep finishes. This simple technique has increased my sweeps by 90%, especially when nobody has a clue what I’m doing.

-Finish the takedown or sweep when you are on the mat and your opponent is kicking away like a horse. If they get away then essentially you waste all of your effort. This trick will keep you connected and have them feeling glued to the mat no matter how big or strong.

Plus much more...

Section 3

-How to immediately enter into a high crotch double leg scenario once your opponent touches you. Set them up perfectly. It will be too late when you enter deep on the leg.

-How to guarantee you don’t get your head caught in a guillotine when you shoot a double leg takedown.

-The 2 most effective finishes to the double leg takedown on the mat. Then... How to immediately transition into side control when they are trying like hell to prevent it.

Section 4

-Modern entrance to the two one that will improve your control by over 200% guaranteed (or your money back!).

-Huge blunder when your opponent pushes on your head that will allow you to enter into an easy double leg takedown.

-Easy tip to eliminate people who are trying to stall on you there will force them to give you your offensive attacks in an easy sequential manner (which you will learn step by step).

-Plus much more…

Section 5

-Forcing a strong or stalling opponent into traps by using front headlock control the correct way.

-Eye opening details when it comes to safely come behind your opponent without losing control and without using any power.

-Simple trick when you are the one stuck in a front headlock to duck underneath and attack your opponent’s leg.

-Plus much more…

Section 6

-The correct way to defend when you are in an open stance. You will now feel confident no matter what distance or stance your opponent is attacking from.

-Major correction from the sprawl that will force your opponent to get elongated (basically in a horrible spot) no matter how much upper body pulling strength they are using to pull you into them. This technique will flatten them out like a pancake!

-Finally understanding the reasoning and minute details behind the whizzer so you can use it effectively against the elite level. You can use this technique to defend against a sweep (highly recommend this because it can crush a grappler’s spirit when they can’t finish on you) or a deep takedown attempt.

-Plus much more…

Here's What Others Are Saying About Ken Primola

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Robson Moura

Founder, Brown&Co

"I remember when I got here from Brazil and I met Ken Primola. We became friends and he was a great training partner for me. Ken helped me out for a lot for my tournaments. "

D.J. Jackson

2 x IBJJF No Gi Black Belt World Champion, Multiple Time ADCC Competitor

"Coach Ken played an important role for me to win a black belt world title."

David Avellan

4  x ADCC Competitor and Medal Winner

"Had an awesome wrestling training session with D.J. Jackson, Sodiq Yusuff (current UFC rising star) and Coach Ken Primola. Coach Primola tuned up my takedown game and made it that much more dangerous. I then brought Ken down to teach a week long work shop at my academy in Miami "

Coach Mark Manning

Head Coach University of Nebraska (also Head Coach of Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs)

"Ken Primola possesses the mentality, work ethic and wrestling acumen to demonstrate skills that others can benefit by."

Grab The Takedowns for Grappler's System Now

Even if you only read 10% of what's in this booklet your game will be dramatically impacted. What are you waiting? Let's start today!

About The Author

Ken Primola

BJJ Black Belt, Pan Am Champion and Former Attorney

I am a skilled expert in grappling (Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling). I focused much of my life specifically toward this activity.

Since 12 years old I have been on the mat.

I wrestled until after college and was a Division I letter winner.

Looking for an outlet beyond wrestling I found Jiu Jitsu more than 20 years ago.

I've competed both in wrestling and Jiu Jitsu at the highest levels, under the brightest lights and coached by some of the best teachers. My highest accolade in Jiu Jitsu was becoming a Brown Belt Adult Pan Am Champion (IBJJF). I still compete to this day because I love the challenge and educational insight it brings to my life.

Currently my professor is Caio Terra. I feel fortunate to learn under his wing.

The techniques in this book are based on my experiences, lessons and philosophies I've learned on the mat. 

Grab The Takedowns for Grappler's System Now

Feel confident every time you step on the mat no matter who you go against. Confidence comes from being in positions you control and understand. This book will give you a totally new understanding.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like this product for any reason at all. Simply send me an email at and I’ll will refund you your money no questions asked. We can still be friends no problem. My goal is to deliver you the best quality product. 

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