This Book is NOT for Time-Wasters.
The Truth is There are Submissions From Everywhere.
The Submission Machine Ebook  Shows You
Exactly Where To Find Them.

The Submission Machine has Close to 300 pages loaded
with submissions guaranteed to make you a lethal submission hunter.

Skills pay the billz.

Skill is the most important attribute of any Jiu Jitsu fighter. The more you know and recognize the more you can do. Do is the operative word.

It was Bruce Lee who once said: "If you want to learn to swim jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you."

When it comes to performing Jiu Jitsu efficiently the devil is in the details.

The Submission Machine is laid out step-by-step in bite-sized chunks so you can remember it easily when you are rolling instead of getting BJJ brain-freeze when it matters most - when doing.

The Submission Machine will put your submission game on auto-pilot. Heck, even if you glanced through 10% of this book it would have a huge impact on your game.

How was this book made?

The Submission Machine was put together from years of study in an organized and precise fashion. Techniques were mapped out so it would be easy to digest and remember. We took many photo sessions with specific details. Then writing about each technique on each photograph.

This book was a great way to explain techniques correctly with the insight from experience of 20 years. Special minute details with arrows pointing to the precise way to position certain body parts make it stand out from the norm. You will be pleased with the pain-staking effort that was put into it.

My Background

I earned my black belt from Phil Migliarese (a Relson Gracie Black Belt) in 2009. In 2013 I moved to Caio Terra's Academy and lived there for 2 years. I currently am under Caio but I also train at Legion Jiu Jitsu under Keenan Cornelius. I have competed all over the globe. Won a gold medal at brown belt Pan Ams (IBJJF) among other competitions. I currently compete as a black belt in the adult division and I love it.

What's Inside? Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1 Mount Gi

- Learn how to position yourself so you feel like a ton of smothering bricks from mount.

- How to get underneath the chin and finish the cross choke without using power. This works great especially against an opponent who is playing solid defense.

- Simple way to get an Ezekiel Choke (you can apply this the same day you learn it).

-Plus much more...

Chapter 2 Knee on Belly

- Learn an armlock/choke combination I learned from none other than Relson Gracie back in the day. The concept behind this series make so much sense you will be kicking yourself wishing you would had learned it sooner. In fact never understood knee on belly until I learned this.

- Have you ever finished a baseball bat choke against a high level opponent? Well now you can. Learn how to rip through the most common defenses without using strength. The details here are worth the book alone.

- Finishing with the lapel is a sneaky skill and nearly impossible once it's on. See which details matter and understand why.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 3 More Side Submissions

- Discover an easy way to bait your opponent into a triangle choke that was actually done on me in competition (which forced me to learn it). It happens much more than we realize and knowing how to do it will prove lethal at the elite level.

- How to control your opponent from side position with pinpoint accuracy as you transition into your arm attack combinations.

- Simple tip I learned from a former Judo Student of mine that he literally hit on everyone in the training room day after day. Add this one to your submission arsenal and watch your submission ratio sky-rocket.

-Plus much much more...

Chapter 4 Back and Side Submissions

- The correct way to go from side control to get the choke from the back no matter how their hands are defending your grip (variations shown).

- Simple hand placement trick to go from the back directly into the triangle choke.

- Ezekiel choke from the back just when your opponent begins to feel safe (it'll be too late once it's on).

- Eye-opening way to go from side control into a knee-bar that your opponent will never see coming.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 5 Basic Subs and High Level Transitions

- Amazing little choke from a guard pass that was passed down to me by none other than 8 x world champion Robson Moura (this will blow your mind).

-Arm-lock while you are playing closed guard from a common guard break that will have your opponent tapping fast.

-Bait your opponent into an over-hook armlock that will give you several other options.

-Plus much more..

Chapter 6 Mount and Turtle Submissions

- Learn a mount cross choke set up that takes advantage of your opponent's defense (their elbow when blocking).

- How to effectively set up and finish a Brabo choke from mount. This is available more than you will realize.

- Triangle from a cross choke without losing everything when you get bumped over. You will be in control the entire movement.

- Plus much more

Chapter 7 Carlson Style

- Learn one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a reverse arm-lock from the guard without telegraphing it. I've gotten caught by so many people in the gym with this it's hard to believe. It's  a "go to."This one happens fast.

- Discover simple and effective over-hook armlock/choke combinations

-Learn a sneaky armlock from the overhook when your opponent is defending the choke that will leave them with a bewildered look on their face  after you hit it.

- Plus much more.

Chapter 8 No Gi Chokes and Arm Attacks

- A simple drag directly into a common choke that can boost your submission rate in a training session.

- How to easily duck under from the butterfly guard. You can actually just go fro a regular butterfly sweep and if it fails this will appear (and it's so simple).

- Learn a sneaky little kneebar when your opponent has you in De La Riva guard.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 9 No Gi Submissions

- How to isolate your opponent's arm in order to finish the kimura.

- A shoulder-lock my first Jiu Jitsu professor showed me and has been working for me for over 20 years.

- Weird arm-lock I learned in San Diego in 2002. I was a blue belt watching 2 black belts flow rolling. I was mesmerized upon discovering this. It is from side control when your opponent is trying to bump you off. It's pure gold.

-Plus much more...

Chapter 10 No Gi Leglocks

- How to determine when it is time to hit a straight ankle lock and the correct range to attack from (this one is a biggie because you don't want to waste your energy by hitting this at the wrong angle.

- A simple way to counter attack an ankle lock that will make you thankful your opponent even attempted an ankle lock.