Student Dilemma: My Jiu Jitsu Professor doesn’t give me enough attention.

A student recently wrote in how their teacher did not give them much attention. It did not seem to frazzle them that much and they said they were going to work harder.

But let’s look at the situation as a whole.

Today’s Jiu Jitsu industry is becoming just that- an industry.

If you are not getting the service you desire at one place you may take your business elsewhere.

But let’s say others are noticeably getting more attention than you class after class.

Do they think you suck? Are they unaware of what is going on? Are they a bad teacher? Is the class-size too big to handle? Is it a competition school and because you don’t compete you are not getting as much attention?

What can you do about it?

You can talk with your professor and ask them what you need to do to get better. This will likely make them notice you more as long as you are genuinely trying. It’s not always easy being a professor and at times they need to be aware.

Or you may have an old school professor who expects you to do a lot of work for yourself. Maybe it will make you hungrier to become better.

It’s a case-by case basis but don’t change schools or do anything drastic unless you communicate with your professor as well as evaluating yourself as a student.

Sometimes we do not always have a choice and may be in an area with one school. This means you may have to study on your own outside of class.

Such is life.

What are your thoughts? How would you handle this situation if it were you? How about as a professor?


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