Staying Consistent With Your Jiu Jitsu Training

Coming to Jiu Jitsu

When I spent time at Denny Prokopos Academy in San Francisco he always said one thing after class before we bowed out.

“Stay consistent.”

That’s all.

After a while it starts to sink in.

Staying consistent with Jiu Jitsu is not always easy. We may have family, odd job hours and simply not enough time (or too much distance) to get to the Jiu Jitsu Academy in our day.

So how can you still stay consistent?

Staying consistent doesn’t mean you need to show up 5 days per week or even 1 day per week.

It’s more about the mind-set than anything.

The key to Jiu Jitsu success or for that matter just about any success in any vocation is consistency.

And it does not have to start by being “all in.”

Whether it’s 1 day per week or 1 day per month the key is to make the day and time you set important enough to set everything else in your life to the side. Do what is necessary to put the people in place to get your time to train. It may mean hiring a babysitter to leaving early from work to making your spouse dinner and cleaning the dishes so she doesn’t kill you.

The key is to get there one day consistently then slowly build up more days or if not at least keep the one day. It’s better to have Jiu Jitsu in your life than not. One day a week, a month, every other – just one. If you can get there once then you can get there again. And day by day it can build up – momentum.

The problem is people often do too much too soon. When a beginner starts out fast and hard they rarely make it long-term.

If you haven’t been to Jiu Jitsu in a long time do one thing now – right now. Call or message your professor and tell him you are coming in. Write it on a sheet of paper and check mark it after you come in.

Tell your wife you need her to watch the kids on Thursday or whenever day you mark. Just do something, one thing that will get you to where you need to be and stick to it. If you can’t do this one simple beneficial act then you have to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure it out if you really are serious about Jiu Jitsu.

Let’s go champ! You Got This!

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