No EQUIPMENT Necessary!

Want To Get Shredded While Keeping Your Mind Sharp for  Jiu Jitsu?

Then take The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge (FOR ALL BJJ & FITNESS LEVELS) and get ripped in 10 minutes a day!

Dear Jiu Jitsu Athlete,

As you are well aware, when the Covid-19 Pandemic began a lot of Jiu Jitsu academies shut down.

Instead of resigning myself to a flabby existence I started to do solo BJJ drills to stay in shape.

My goal was to do solo drills (movements/exercises) that included high-percentage techniques (movements) that were working at the elite level of competition.

After pain-staking research I developed a series of Jiu Jitsu Specific Exercises that could be done without a partner.

The daily workouts took me between 10 minute - 20 minute to finish.

Sh*t you not, during the height of the pandemic when I was locked down and it was super hot I would go out on my apartment porch and do them. I sweated my butt off and I felt my body shredding up.

These workouts are helping me stay lean and mean, ramping up my cardio and best of all my "Jiu Jitsu IQ" is sharp from consistently doing these solo grappling drills.

Moral of the story: I dread gassing out during training. I vowed to myself in early March that I was going to come out of this pandemic at least as good at Jiu Jitsu than before it started, i.e. with sharp skills and efficiency. I also vowed I was not going to come out of this pandemic with a belly and fat a**.  I, like many of you, have goals and standards I set for myself. I am not going to have excuses if I don't reach my goals. Without sounding all egotistical, I'm proud of myself for taking action and putting these together. I learned a lot about Jiu Jitsu while formulating these and now I have something I can offer to you.

Today I am offering you these same unique Jiu Jitsu specific workouts that are creative, fun, challenging (for all levels) and most importantly extremely useful for keeping your Jiu Jitsu mind-set sharp.

So What is The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge Program in a nutshell?

The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge is an easy-to-follow intense fitness routine that's targeted to improve not just your body but also maintain your BJJ mind-set.

The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge includes over 80 different Jiu Jitsu exercises (well-organized) that will give you a hell of a workout without any equipment, without any drill partner and can be done anywhere at anytime. We can all find 10 or 20 extra minutes in a 24-hour day.

No matter what shape you are in today, you can now do a 10- or 20-minute structured (from Beginner to Advanced) Jiu Jitsu specific workouts at your own pace. 

Let's take a look at the finer details below...

The 30 Day Solo Grappling Challenge gives you:

In Summary:

If you've been feeling like your BJJ skills and overall fitness have died, resuscitate them with The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge.

Completing The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge can possibly improve your BJJ because repeating these exercises, which are all effective BJJ techniques, will utilize your BJJ specific muscles. Doing non-BJJ workouts, e.g. just lifting weights definitely help, but they may or may not work the precise muscles you use for BJJ. Personally, I use weights as a supplement for my BJJ. I do not use weights to specifically learn or drill techniques. This is why this challenge is so effective, because it will improve your BJJ-Specific movement skills while improving your overall fitness. You will become leaner, more flexible, have a greater sense of balance and feel more energetic. In fact, I feel 20 years younger.

Completing The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge is simple. Just follow the workouts every day-anywhere, anytime, by yourself in a park, or on the living room floor while your roommate wastes the day browsing Instagram. It doesn't matter. You don't need anything or anyone to get the workouts done. Get fitter, get stronger, improve your mental game. You can do it right now!

Wait...That's not all...There's 1 special BONUS:

Grab The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge right now, and you will also get The Lean Jiu Jitsu Athlete Nutrition Guide Free

Inside The Lean Jiu Jitsu Athlete Nutrition Guide you will find:

I'm 44 years old and feel like a spry 20 year old. I think it's working!

Grab The 30-Day Solo Grappling Challenge Now & For a Limited Time Get The Lean Jiu Jitsu Athlete's Nutrition Guide FREE!

Click on the link below, immediately download the ebooks and get started.   

About Your Professor

Ken Primola, J.D.

BJJ Black Belt, Pan Am Champion & Former Division I Wrestler

I earned my black belt from Phil Migliarese (a Relson Gracie Black Belt) in 2009. In 2013 I moved to Caio Terra's Academy and lived there for 2 years. I currently am under Caio but I also train at Legion Jiu Jitsu under Keenan Cornelius. I have competed all over the globe. Won a gold medal at brown belt Pan Ams (IBJJF) among other competitions. I currently compete as a black belt in the adult division and I love it.

Why Wait? Start The Challenge Now!

P.S. In order to develop this workout program I studied only the most knowledgeable Jiu Jitsu competitors and professors. I dissected 100s of matches and on several occasions watched certain techniques in slow motion to get it precise.

Not only that, I had to select techniques that were capable of being replicated without a partner. The process was pain-staking but rewarding. When you are doing these daily exercise routines you will not only feel great that you are getting ripped and shedding fat. You will also feel confident you are using high level Jiu Jitsu techniques while exercising. Depending on your effort, your fluidity may be on another level in just a few short weeks.

These exercises are foolproof. I even added links within the exercise descriptions that you can click on to see top competitors using the exact techniques that you will be doing in your exercise routine. Now you don't have to sit in front of a computer for hours on end putting these together. It's all done for you on a silver platter so that it is easy for you to digest and put into action. 

P.P.S. Are these exercises secret? No. Not at all. In fact I don't believe in secret techniques (solo movements in this case - obviously). These techniques are in plain sight. The "secret sauce" is in the intense studying to find them and actually coming up with a workout plan based around them. I did the hard part for you.  Now all you have to do is take action.

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