Should You Smash An Aggressive White Belt?

We all know this person. A person we don’t want to roll with because we have to go to work tomorrow and want to actually walk.

What’s the best way to handle a white belt in Jiu Jitsu who is an aggressive spaz? Should you smash them or is there a better way?

Ultimately it is obviously up to you but this article was written to consider a few things.

aggresive white belt

What will smashing them do for them? If you are controlled when you smash them will you fill them in after with a few tips. You can also get injured if you smash the person. What if you dominate them and then let them have a few positions? What if you let them tap you and you tap them? Or what if you do not tap them at all? How do you deal with an aggressive white belt and what is the best way to stay safe and teach them at the same time?

Let us know your thoughts below…

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