Should You Avoid Sparring With Certain People In Jiu Jitsu?

how not to get injured in bjj

avoid bjj injury

Here’s the notion:

Jiu Jitsu is about taking on all comers. We want our jiu jitsu to be ready for any style or body-type.

However, what about your injuries, your body type, protecting yourself in order to train another day?

We can control ourselves but sometimes we may need to deal with others whom we can’t control.

Of course we can always not come to class if we are weary of an injury we have but what if we want to train lighter but are forced to train with a person who can hurt us.

You can play possum right, just chill and let the person dominate. Or you can dominate and protect your body by not giving them a chance.

Maybe you can tell your professor to only put you will lighter or weaker people if you want to take it easy.

Or maybe it’s a bigger issue where a gym simply has a few careless people and you become another casualty.

Regardless Jiu Jitsu isn’t forgiving on your body no matter what anyone says. So what is your best way of dealing with a dangerous sparring partner or how would you not deal with them in the first place?

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