Should Jiu Jitsu Gyms Require You To Wear Their Uniforms?

Jiu JItsu etiquette uniforms

In the old days many academies enforced white Gis only. Today many schools require white Gis only with the Mendes brothers leading the charge.

White Gis will generally not stain the mats with dye and it looks classy.

Back in the day Academies also represented themselves through competition and had their patches on. They were proud of this. Their team was like their family.

What do you think about team or colored Gis, team rash guards, shorts, etc.? Should they be required?

Some schools such as Gracie Barra and others schools require students to wear team gear while training. They say it represents unity and who they are (values, etc.).

In some larger schools it is a “no no” to come in with a Gi not the brand of the school.

While this can help build team unity in many ways some people may also feel like they should be able to wear what they choose. Maybe they don’t like the brand they have to wear and wish to try something else, perhaps better.

Obviously it makes an academy money to sell their own brand and they have every right to do as they choose.

What are your thoughts on having to wear your team gear/ Gi (or certain Gi Color) in practice?

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