Should I Open A Jiu Jitsu Academy

opening a jiu jitsu school

People ask this question a lot. Maybe they are good at Jiu Jitsu and fell in love with it. They want to give back to their community and make a living.

This is understandable.

Follow your passion right?

A person once asked me if they should go to grad school and work a normal job or follow their passion of opening a bjj school.

I told him to choose whatever he wished but to have a back up plan for sure – maybe go to grad school then see if he still wants to own an academy (perhaps teach while in school) and take some business classes if he can.

Just my opinion from experience and research.

The truth is statistics-wise most martial arts schools fail or split up.

This is why they often pop up and out and back up again.

It’s becoming a saturated market which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but competition is fierce in some areas so you have to provide a stellar service.

If you are skilled in business, leadership and Jiu Jitsu I recommend going for it.

If not you can also just go for it and get on-the-job real life experience which is more risky if you lack either of these three attributes.

If hesitant I recommend to teach at a school, learn the business side from a successful mentor then dive in if you wish to.

Be prudent with your lifestyle assessment. You may want a family and have to provide for them. Can you wait until your school grows? Does the area where you plan to teach have potential for growth? Do you have start up funds? How long are you willing to wait and what are you willing to do if it doesn’t grow? Can you handle the financial adversity?

Not everyone knows what it takes to run a school or wants the hustle. It’s not always a Jiu Jitsu dream job everyday where you just train and have fun. You may in fact train less. Keeping the lights on in the gym is a whole different story so be smart and know the risks.

Hopefully it works out and for those that it has congratulations. Comment your thoughts and insight on this topic below.

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  • I moved back to the area that I grew up in which did not have an academy. After visiting the closest places to train, three at the time and all an hour commute, I asked my professor his advice on what to do, without hesitation he told me to open my own place. So I opened my own place a couple months later which after three years is still open surprisingly. Many times I have paid the bills out of my own pocket, not many training partners the first two years. My decision wasn’t based on teaching for income, honestly I have never made a dime. Opening the academy has been a challenge to say the least but wouldn’t trade it for anything. Winona MN has an academy for all walks of life to train at, monetary gains are for the greedy, giving back and helping others is the reward. Oss!

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