Should a Blue Belt Teach Jiu Jitsu?

This is a common topic and I am not so sure why. Some people say belts don’t matter for some things and then they matter for others. The reality is that it is a decent measure of time, skill and effort but it is not always absolute or universal. let’s dig into this topic a bit deeper.

In many areas of a life a manager may not always be the best person for the job skill-wise. They may be a good manager but bad employee under a manager. There may be coaches who were never great competitors. But in each case they may get the job done. They may be great at communicating or teaching others and their title may have little to do with it.

Like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt rank is not always a measure of the finest teacher. Sure the skill-set is often there for the higher rank but it doesn’t mean a lower ranked belt does not have the skill-set or lacks the ability to pass it on to another person simply because they wear a belt of a different color.

Teaching is often an individual quality even despite what they are teaching. Some are better than others at it. If a blue belt can teach well then they should be able to teach. This is especially true if they are in area with not many higher belts. We all had to learn somehow and from somewhere before belts existed at all.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Can or better yet, should a blue belt teach Jiu Jitsu? Please comment your thoughts below.




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  • I am a blue belt (&judo brown) and teach BJJ under supervision of my club’s black belt instructors. I teach kids and beginners classes but the blackbelts always teach the fundamentals and competition classes.

    I feel supported by them and they provide the curriculum and class structure so it really is a team effort. In my MMA club (Cambridge MMA) I teach grappling for MMA but I’m not sure how confident I would be if I didn’t know I had the support of my blackbelt instructors.

    They also run coaching (for any martial art) seminars and give me feedback on my performance so I’m pretty happy that my students are getting a decent service.

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  • The answer to that question is Yes. I’ve been ranked a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu officially in 2013. I understand the techniques well enough to explain it to all the parents and students in the classroom. Then I have them all practice those moves together for quite some time. What I believe is important when it comes to teaching is to have patience. Not everyone is going to catch on or learn the sequence of moves in seconds. Long as each teacher understands the value of self-control, patience, knowledge, skill, has a student mindset, and leading by example they would be great teachers in the art. On the flip side of that, In my opinion I don’t recommend a blue belt learning moves for the first time out of a book then teaching those same moves to everyone else. Teach what you have work hard to get promoted to and you will be more successful.

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  • […] READ: Should a Blue Belt Teach jiu Jitsu? […]

  • […] READ: Should a blue belt teach Jiu Jitsu? […]

  • […] READ: Should a Blue Belt Teach Jiu Jitsu? […]

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