People Who Do These 3 Sports Are More Likely To Have An Advantage Heading Into Jiu Jitsu

3 Sports For BJJ

We all know that there are other sports that can greatly benefit your Jiu Jitsu.

Yet, let’s not forget there are also times when a beginner’s mind that is blank of any athletic ability or prowess can make a person hyper-technical. These people generally have no predispositions coming in so it can be hit or miss.

But generally speaking coming in with another background can be a great benefit to your Jiu Jitsu. Let’s take a look at 3 sports below.

  1. Wrestling. This is obvious. Wrestlers come in with a very aggressive style and are often in good shape. They have balance and mat savvy because they have been grappling. One thing I have noticed and experienced is that wrestlers often tend to be more adept at No Gi but can also be very difficult to deal with in the Gi. Aggression is not necessarily inherent in all wrestlers (as some may be counter wrestlers or very calm) but in most it is.
  2. Judo. Judo athletes can be scary people. Their throws, grips and just raw toughness can make them a menace on the mat. Many Judo players also have a submission understanding or background and can apply it off a throw which can make them very dangerous.
  3. Sambo. Sambo offers submissions, throws and use of the Gi. Khabib is a Sambo guy. He has submissions, wrestling/judo and dynamic throws from his Sambo and he has learned Jiu Jitsu for effective MMA. Fedor also comes from a Sambo background, which has surely helped his MMA when it comes to submissions, throws and striking from combat Sambo.

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The truth is many sports or disciplines will help you coming in as a grappler. Even dancing and ballet can help you know your body and movement patterns effectively. Further, mental disciplines can be an attribute. Some people have vocations where details matter and when they apply their skills to Jiu Jitsu they may see great results.

Regardless, anyone willing to put the time and effort into Jiu Jitsu will see great results because Jiu Jitsu appeals to all shapes, sizes and body types if you choose to leverage your natural gifts.


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