Not Enough Time To Make it To BJJ: 5 Strategies

In many of our lives if you stay in Jiu Jitsu long enough there may come a time when you can’t make it as much or can’t make it at all.

Here are some strategies if this happens to you:

  1. Ask your Jiu Jitsu professor if you can come to class at odd times with a partner. Maybe your professor can open the academy and you can drill in a small space outside of other classes or maybe ask your professor to give you a key depending on the relationship you have with them. Of course continue your membership during this time, especially now in this global crisis where schools are shutting down.
  2. Try and find a Jiu Jitsu school that has classes at odd times. Some have 5 or 6 AM classes. Hard to not find time for that. Be sure and tell your main professor if you plan to do that.
  3. Find a partner to drill with at home during odd hours. Get mats obviously if they do not have them. Find a way.
  4. Do at home solo drills to keep in shape and keep your Jiu Jitsu mobility going. (Try The 30 Day Solo Grappling Challenge if you have not yet).
  5. If you can do nothing else, keep going to a fitness gym and study online at home.

Any other tips please comment below…


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