Must You Learn Takedowns For Sport Jiu Jitsu? Both sides of the debate…

Takedowns in sport bjj

Takedowns are often a sore subject especially when it comes to some new age Jiu Jitsu athletes who are wholly focused on guard modernization. Many strategically focus on the fine art of guard pulling in order to progress their game. To each their own. Some organizations do not penalize guard pulling and obviously for submission only you will not get points for a takedown. Some on the other hand say its better to have takedowns and not need them than to need them and not have them. There’s a lot to it so let’s look at this topic from both sides.

Pros for Takedowns: Takedowns can gain you position, points and scenarios to enter into a submission attack. Another advantage for takedowns is that if you learn the ground work of finishing shots you can also use these to finish sweeps. The defense and sprawl/whizzer work can also help to stop sweeps and takedown attempts and turn them into your offense. Takedowns also help for self-defense scenarios (sport and self-defense related).

Cons for Takedowns: You can get hurt in training takedowns if you are just beginning to learn them (especially without proper instruction). This is obviously factored in by your instructor and training environment. Most people love takedowns but some have had some nasty accidents with them so it pays to be weary. Also, some people who are much older with bone weakness may want to be very careful with takedowns if they lack proper body control (from witnessing a few nasty bone breaks myself with older students)

Summary: As with anything, learning it (takedowns) helps to make it less complex and make you more confident, take leglocks for example. Learning takedowns should be done in a safe environment. If you seek to learn them great – if not that’s fine. Have fun either way and continue to train.

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