Mixing Up Your Gi and No Gi Training: 6 Benefits

Switching From Gi To No Gi

Gi and No Gi Jiu Jitsu both have their benefits and distinctions. This article explains a few:

  1. Switching From Gi to No Gi will relieve joint pain in the fingers and likely elbows. This all depends on your style of course. But for sure we grip the Gi and hold on tight which can cause serious pain which I find to often be alleviated doing no gi. Also less forearm lactic acid build up. We often hold the Gi too tight and this causes our arms to get super tired. No Gi should somewhat alleviate this issue.
  2. Switching From Gi To No Gi Speed dynamic. If you start doing No Gi after Gi you will notice the game may be faster for you. Less to hold onto so it generally creates more scrambles.
  3. Switching From Gi To No Gi will help your leglock game. Of course No Gi offers heelhook options (depending on ruleset) and varying leglocks that we may not often see in most Gi scenarios. It’s wise to learn everything or at least be aware of it.

Switching From No Gi To Gi

  1. Switching From No Gi To Gi will cause you to slow down and think about grips. When you do Gi you really have to think about posture and positioning in ways that deal with a person tugging on your material.
  2. Switching From No Gi To Gi will allow you to see more lapel and Gi grip options. Simply learning concepts with regard to lapel can open your mind up to how you would do a certain move without it and cause you to think more within the confines of your No Gi game.
  3. Switching From No Gi To Gi will make your game tighter in terms of escaping. Often in No gi it can get slippery and people may slip out of a submission. The Gi generally has more friction to keep you stuck easier. For example, If a person heelhooks you while you are wearing Gi pants it is generally harder to simply slip out.

These are just a few benefits for training both gi and no gi.

List any more below:

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