Just Starting Jiu Jitsu But Out Of Shape

Training jiu jitsu but too out of shape

A common reason why people do not start Jiu Jitsu is simply because they believe they are too out of shape. The reality is this is rarely the case.


Because this goes against one of the main benefits of Jiu Jitsu which is getting you into shape.

Jiu Jitsu burns calories and uses your muscles. While it may be hard for someone completely out of shape to adjust to it’s much better than nothing. Small steps is all it takes.

Just doing a mild Jiu Jitsu warm up can begin to get you into shape. The rolling, done gradually over time has been shown to absolutely transform physiques and minds.

What often happens is people develop healthy habits in order to train. They begin to change their nutrition for the better and begin exercising outside of Jiu Jitsu for Jiu Jitsu. So if a person tells you they are too “out of shape” to train you can be sure to rebut them with many of the benefits that it offers.

Obviously on the flip side if there is a major injury or a person weighs an extraordinary amount (or something else not specified here) they need to do their part and make sure the school and instructor they choose is right for them in order to work effectively with them.

Remember, you get one life to live, you don’t want to look back and say ” I should have trained Jiu Jitsu.” Do it!

Feel free to comment any feedback you have below.

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