Jiu Jitsu’s usefulness during Mentally Difficult Times

Bjj Saves lives

Jiu Jitsu has helped a lot of people around the world become more whole. Whether it be through exercise or healing, the benefits are numerous.

It’s even commonly said that “Jiu Jitsu saves lives” or “Jiu Jitsu is my therapy.”

With that notion in mind I recently came across a facebook/instagram post by Professor Elias Gallegos of Elias Gallegos Eastlake Alliance (In Chula Vista, San Diego) with the image above and it said:

As professors we must remember we are more than just martial arts instructors… not every student will want to compete or be a world champion… there are many reasons students will walk through that door… we never really know what’s going on inside someone’s head…. lead with love, teach with discipline , what we do isn’t easy… but we have a chance to leave this world a much better place by investing and impacting the lives of those who choose to follow us … 

Professor Gallegos spends a lot of time helping veterans and at risk youth during his days . He lives this philosophy, as well as being a family man, teacher and competitor.

I recite this quote and mention this topic because it is important. Not only is it important for professors but for teammates and for the community in general (BJJ or not).

We all have our reasons for stepping onto the mat. For some it is not only therapeutic and fun but a release from PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, relationships and the list goes on.

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The mat can be time away from a mentally draining day of work.

The bottom line is Jiu Jitsu is a constant in our lives that allows us an escape where we can physically manifest our feelings rather than keeping them inside.

The problem is that Jiu Jitsu isn’t 24 hours of our day.

And sadly some people who were constantly in class can no longer make it at all.

So be sure the next time you train and notice you haven’t seen a buddy in a while to check up on them. And with those in front of you, be sure to not only bump fists but shake hands, hug, smile and ask how they are doing. You never know how much it may mean.

Feel free to share what Jiu Jitsu has helped you overcome.


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