Jiu JItsu: Starting From The Knees Pros and Cons

Jiu Jitsu takedown image

In Jiu Jitsu class most schools will start from the knees for various reasons. Let’s examine the pros and cons below:


  1. It will save space in class if the area is small or too many people are on the mat.
  2. You will potentially not get injured. Takedowns can have a high rate of injury especially if the levels are such that you have an explosive skilled athlete up against a person with little takedown acumen. I’ve sadly witnessed quite a few injuries occur like this. Of course injuries can also happen on the ground also.

For Takedown Knowledge Check out The Takedowns For Grapplers Systems. You do not have to be a wrestler to learn these.


  1. Starting on the knees may hinder your takedown progress which can potentially hinder your ground game. There are a lot of parallels on the ground and stand up.
  2. It will not be as realistic as a real Jiu Jitsu match or a real altercation. A Jiu Jitsu match starts standing so it’s best to sometimes challenge yourself. Plenty of real life altercations begin on the feet also.

Do you start on your knees while sparring in Jiu Jitsu?


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