Jiu Jitsu: Dealing With The Full-Resistance Drill Partner

resisting drill partner in bjj

You ever have a partner in Jiu Jitsu class the who resists the technique 100% when you start drilling?

It can be quite frustrating, especially if you are trying to learn the move.

Obviously the partner knows the move is coming because it is being taught. So it can be defended if the defense is timed right knowing the move is going to be put on.

So every so often you drill with the person who simply wont let you do the move.

Generally this person is considered annoying to drill with. The instructor and students should help them because this person clearly does not get it.

It’s okay to resist somewhat if you have the move down and are working out variables within it and counters to counters. But to act stiff when drilling can be very annoying for a partner.

You should be fluid. Not like a wet rag, but give a live-body feel without using all your might to resist.

Flow with the go…

So if you get this person to drill with communicate what needs to be done in order to learn the move. If this person has no idea what is wrong then perhaps send them this article.

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