Jiu Jitsu Cross-Academy Training

Jiu Jitsu cross-training

In old school Jiu Jitsu there was a term called “creonte” which means something like a traitor.

In the early years of Jiu Jitsu many academies kept their training within their own schools (as opposed to cross-training). Schools were more sparse (yet competition was paramount), they were sometimes based on your block or neighborhood. So if you trained at the local school and then left your area to train at another school some believed it was being a traitor.

During this time period Jiu Jitsu schools were not as abundant as today nor were the means and methods of easy travel so readily available.

Now there may be many schools within a small radius in certain neighborhoods. More options have availed themselves for students who are or are not competitive.

The business models have upgraded their services and competition for students has increased among schools.

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The “traitor” mystique has been lowered and cross-training is now considered the norm in order to spread knowledge and community.

It is in fact considered by many to be small-minded if you do not allow outsiders into your academy and to not allow your students to leave or come back in good graces when they traverse through other schools.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Should you be able to train at multiple schools as you wish? If not, what are the unwritten rules?


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