Jiu Jitsu and Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS)

You hear about this topic often when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition.

Few organizations now test certain athletes at certain events but it is generally not the norm.

Should PEDs be allowed in Jiu Jitsu and are they harmful?

Let’s dissect this topic below.

Reasons for PED Use: Some people may take a performance enhancement drug because they were injured and want to recover faster. Some may want an advantage over their competition and it allows them to train more often. Some use to simply look better.

It can be argued generally that people have a right to alter or abuse their bodies how they choose.

One major reason why people decide to use them is because of the rewards. When you win a lot is at stake. A person may come from poverty so them becoming a Jiu Jitsu superstar is their only way out.

Maybe the edge of PEDs makes the difference between them becoming a life-altering famous champion or not.

Perhaps it can enable them to earn a VISA in another country in order to gain employment as a professor or athlete and their credentials can advance their case.

But what about the negative effects?

Some studies show people who take performance enhancing drugs develop irreversible problems with their endocrine systems (among other physical issues). Their testosterone levels are unbalanced. They may need to take different PEDs or pills for a lifetime because of the effects of the drugs in the first place.

Because many PEDs are illegal in many countries people run the risk of not correctly understanding the different potency and cycling that goes on within certain drugs. Some say to only use them under medical supervision but it may be a catch 22 if they are illegal even by medical supervision.

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You also may get ousted in public if you fail a test because results may reach the masses and hurt your reputation. It can also lead to sport suspensions.

PEDs can also be addictive physically and mentally. People see gains then see things fall off after usage. After usage people may even resort to other pain medications that can due significant damage.

Many also say taking PEDs is cheating and an unfair advantage. This is likely true because strength can be a factor in Jiu Jitsu especially if you are skilled to begin with. It can make the difference.

The sad truth is many supplements are not regulated that you can get at a local vitamin store so be careful when researching and taking any supplements.

What are your thoughts on PEDs in Jiu Jitsu? Is it an issue? Should there be more testing? Does it help that much? Should it be illegal?


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