Is It Wrong To Crush The Chin For Jiu Jitsu Chokes?

Chin Tuck Defense in grappling

Some people will try to chin-tuck or chin-block a choke when their opponent has their back, a mount choke, a guillotine or a myriad of other chokes.

They usually do this chin-block defense by pressing their chin on their chest to block their opponent’s hand from entering underneath their neck.

This will often make the person on the attack have to give up on the choke or simply crush the chin if they cannot get underneath (of course there are tactics that may or may not work to open the chin).

Many say using your chin is not a sound defensive method and can get a person’s chin or neck hurt. Some say the aggressor should technically open up the chin to expose the neck.

So what happens is if the chin-block is being used and the aggressor continues the choke possibly hurting the jaw or neck?

Is it rude to do this? Is it wrong to do this?

In a competition setting a person may simply go for the tap even if the chin is stuck. Many will say this is fine because it is competition and a person who puts their chin to block is responsible for the consequences.

Some say while practicing it is rude to squeeze it. Some get upset if the guy squeezes them.

What are your thoughts on this and what do you do when this occurs?

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