If You Outweigh Your Sparring Partner by 100 lbs or more how should you roll?

hwo to spar with a lighter opponent in bjj

All else equal, if you are much heavier than your opponent you may want to try to be smooth, technical and very light.

Example, if you are a 250 lb guy going against a 120 lb female you should be careful.


Perhaps give your opponent time to tap and don’t go super hard for a submission if you feel it’s on.

Ask your partner if there are any prior injuries.

You probably don’t want to do flying guard jumps or dangerous submissions. You want to have as many sparring partners as possible.

Don’t drop all of your bodyweight suddenly on the person either.

What do you think? It may not be 100% realistic to do this but it is the way to go about it because it is sparring and you do not want to hurt the person, right?

Comment your thoughts below…

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