How To Get Over Getting Tapped By Lower Belts

Tapping to lower rank bjj belts

This may not apply to everyone. It applies to a lot of people (myself at times). We don’t want to lose to our training partner we regularly beat. Or maybe we get a reputation as being very good or better than someone else and we don’t want to get tapped.

I have spoken to some people over the years and one guy said he tries not to get tapped if a coach is watching. He felt it made him look bad and possibly it would hold him back during promotions.

True story.

Lol, blogs also push stories of higher belts losing in competitions to lower belts.

It happens.

In fact, at Spyder Korea BJJ Event this past week world champion black belts faced purple belts and it was like they were the same level in some matches.

These guys don’t care. They are trying to win prizes and get better.

Belts matter not at the top level.


I will tell a personal story. I’m not telling it to brag, I’m telling it because I actually did something I don’t like to do and learned a great lesson.

I went to a 10th planet school two years ago (trained there for two years). I was not very good at heel-hooks or defending them. I train mainly Gi.

The first thing I did was put my leg in harms way. I tapped to literally every person (white belts too) for about two months and then asked questions everyday on how to do them and get better.

Maybe they thought I sucked. I don’t really care.

BUT now I’m really hard to tap with heel-hooks because of it. Probably one of the harder ones within that particular school and it would not have happened had I not dropped my ego and entered positions I was not comfortable in.

Bottom line is no one in 20 years will care what happened in the roll today where you got caught by a white belt and you are a brown belt. Sometimes to avoid injury or to learn you gotta tap.

It’s great to know your weaknesses and sometimes you have to let a person put you in a their best position.

Some people call it ego or whatever. It depends on how good you want to be. If you want to be great in the long run and be injury free you have to tap to people and put yourself in situations to understand how to defend yourself. You often want to put yourself in people’s “A Game” no matter what belt they are.

What’s the point otherwise?

What do you think about tapping to lower belts?

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