How many Jiu Jitsu techniques is too many to comprehend?

Too many BJJ techniques

The proliferation of techniques in Jiu Jitsu has multiplied ten-fold since the advent of the internet, student numbers growth and technical modernization of the sport.

Trying to sift through the maze is daunting especially for some who lack any formal instruction live in-person instruction. Of course having an experienced teacher act as a guide will allow people to learn what people consider “basic techniques.”

Mount escapes, arm bars, triangles, etc., techniques that everyone learns yet they all may differ detail-wise from school to school.

But this sifting isn’t limited to Jiu Jitsu. Look at soccer, chess, languages, to learn anything you will have many variables and choices (which are ever-growing).

What some people suggest is to systematize your game. Hone in on what you prefer to do in certain situations and have variables when you go beyond your system so it isn’t rigid. Use techniques that work for your body-type proven at a high level so you don’t have to go back and totally fix it (you likely will have to adjust it of course).

A question is are modern or advanced techniques to be left out of the curriculum for a beginner?

Some schools have kids doing advanced berimbolos and they are having success. Some people have kids learning multiple languages while their child is a toddler.

If they are learning and having fun is there an issue?

What are your thoughts? Can you get too confused by trying to learn too much or should you have a set or limited amount of skills and techniques to focus on?

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