How Do You Roll With The New Guy In Jiu Jitsu Class?

rolling with new guy in bjj

Let’s say you are at least a blue belt…

A person comes to class and it is their first day of sparring.

How do you roll with them?

Do you roll light?

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If they are aggressive do you try to smash them?

This happens a lot. I think some leeway and forgiveness should be given to a new person sparring.


Because the tools they come in with may be raw but it is also a good test and lesson for you.

I’m sure plenty of us have gotten a tad bit pissed when we get elbowed in the nose or mouth by a new person with little body control.

But we have to teach them somehow. Should you roll in a passive manner? Passive-aggressive? Tough love? Or something else?

How do you prefer to spar with newbies in Jiu Jitsu?


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