How Do You Roll When Visiting Other Jiu Jitsu Schools?

training at a visiting bjj school

In the old days of Jiu Jitsu in America it was common if you went to a different Jiu Jitsu school that you would be “tested” if you were a blue belt or above.

It’s not like people were angry about it and not welcoming it’s just that people would want to see how they rolled against you. Here and there you had an old school professor who had you go back to back with the schools toughest guys. And they’d go hard.


Nowadays some schools will still “test” a visiting student but it’s certainly more welcoming in my opinion.

I personally have felt that not going “balls to the wall” and being respectful has helped me learn a lot and make a lot of friends at visiting schools.

It’s all individually based and school to school of course.

Maybe nothing changes for you at all wherever you roll.

How about yourself? How do you roll when visiting another school?

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