Etiquette for Training at Different Jiu Jitsu Schools

We all travel more today. It’s important to know how to conduct yourself when visiting another Jiu Jitsu school. In fact there are schools today that have a process where it’s actually somewhat difficult to just drop in at their school. You may have to do a private lesson with an instructor so they can assess your level and temperament no matter what belt you come to their school at. Let’s take a look at 5 etiquette tips when training at another Jiu Jitsu academy.

  1. Don’t assume. These two words are very important. For example don’t assume because everyone is wearing a Gi there are not heelhooks, reaping or advanced belt leglocks at all ranks. Some schools with a self-defense or very open sparring mentality may want their students to be aware of everything at all belt levels. This is just one example of a myriad of differences academies face. So ask questions before each roll to understand what is allowed and what isn’t.
  2. Smile. Even if you are a shy person who typically does not smile be sure to break it out when you meet new people. If you are smug it may not work out well for you when you are rolling. Smile and introduce yourself. The BJJ community is generally a positive bunch of people who like to get to know one another and their training history.
  3. Don’t go death roll style. Be aware of your mat space. Be aware of your temperament. Maybe you want to test yourself but there is no need to go crazy and maybe injure someone at their home school because you need to crush everyone. Chill. Have fun. Get better. Focus on this and you may learn some new techniques and really open the doors to another source of knowledge if the school really accepts you.
  4. Be grateful. Thank the professor and students for the training, pay the mat fee, stay in touch, add them on social media. Do whatever you feel you would want done to you if you had a guest over at your academy or even your home.
  5. Be on time and do the warm up. Be a part of the class. This should go without saying but if you want to fit in you should take part on their rituals.

I hope these tips help as a guide to any students visiting new schools. Any other tips you have for visiting students please comment below.


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