Do You Prefer To Begin Sparring On The Knees Or Standing?


In Jiu Jitsu we generally start sparring on our knees for practice. In Judo and in Wrestling we generally start on the feet. Many believe when we start on our knees we focus more on the ground aspect of grappling and it also makes us safer during training (sparring).

From the feet takedowns can make a bigger impact on the mat when you land and takedowns generally cover more mat area. Some believe that takedowns also cause more injuries.

Takedowns can be particularly injury-prone due to the fact that if a beginner is training with an experienced person and does not know how to land or even know what is going on it can be dangerous for both people involved. Although depending on the group of people or area of space any aspect (knees or on the feet) can be dangerous or safe.

Some spar from the feet to make it more realistic. This is generally true. A Jiu Jitsu match will start standing. A fight generally starts standing. Having said this, in Jiu Jitsu you can pull guard in many events so some people do not practice takedowns regularly.

That’s the discussion summary on starting on the feet or the knees in Jiu Jitsu, let us know your thoughts below.

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