Competing against a teammate in Jiu Jitsu

competing against teammates in bjj

Some Jiu Jitsu schools have policies where they do not compete against a teammate.

While some teams compete against one another like it’s no big deal.

A teammate or training partner may let their teammate pass through them in a bracket without having to fight them. Or they may close outa final.

Many fans thing this is taking fans away because they want to see the best fight one another if they pay to attend an event.

Even organizations try to enforce competition among teammates as “mandatory” and will even match them up early so the final is not a close out.

Proponents of not fighting a teammate argue that teammates and friends should not compete. They are training to help one another and share their skills not compete against each other.

Many who fight against a teammate feel that competition is about getting better and if you are really looking to grow then why should it matter who it is against.

These are just a few reasons for and against competing against a teammate in Jiu Jitsu competition.

More importantly, what are your thoughts on teammates competing against teammates in Jiu Jitsu?

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