Coming Back From Jiu Jitsu Burnout – 5 Manageable Strategies

How to manage bjj burnout

Ever suffer from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu burnout? It happens. Here are five strategies to manage it.

  1. Give yourself permission to take a long break before you come back. Take a vacation from it. Miss it.
  2. Set a realistic schedule with progress-checking, write it down and check it off. It’s not too fun or smart to just sail a boat to nowhere. You want to have a compass to know where your destination is. You get excited each time you reach certain points toward land. Same goes in this case.
  3. Take rest days in between training. Some people get burned out because they are going too hard. Their bodies need rest. Their bodies may need better nutrition. It’s like a car you got keep refueling it, changing the oil. You just start it up when it’s cold and go from 0-90. You have to warm it up and rest it when it gets too hot.
  4. Consider a different school or cross-training. That’s right, end your angst by doing what’s best for you. You want to be where you fit in. make sure you feel this way because when you go to see people who care about you then you may also end up training.
  5. Try a different martial art at a Jiu Jitsu school (if offered such as kickboxing or yoga for instance). Take a break from BJJ and try another martial art. Then you may miss BJJ but if not you are still involved in something healthy with good people.

Any other strategies you have for managing Jiu Jitsu burnout. List them below…

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