Choosing The Right Jiu Jitsu School For You

choosing a bjj school

Choosing the right Jiu Jitsu school is not an easy decision for everyone. Many people have trained at a few schools during their many years of training especially with the way we travel and change locations.

If you are a beginner you may use yelp reviews or whatever social media there is to gain insight before calling. It can be hard to decipher what’s what.

If you are in the know or new it may be best to take a few trial classes at schools within a close range to your location with convenient times. I’d watch one first if you are hesitant. Make sure you like the classes and they fit your needs.

Talk to the Professor and the students and make sure you feel good around them. The Jiu Jitsu culture is important. If you are timid and these are big hard looking dudes who train like animals and eyeball you when you come in, lol, then you may want an easier start. And if you are not sure of your needs have them elaborate on the programs.

You may consider self-defense, sport, or MMA criteria. You may actually find you like some areas you were never tried before or you tried them but did not have the right teacher when you did it prior and now you try it again and like it.

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Like everything, it is individually based. Most schools are warm and friendly.

What is your criteria for choosing a Jiu Jitsu school? What must you have and not have?


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