Butterfly Guard – 5 Common Mistakes || by Adam Wardziński

Butterfly Guard - 5 Common Mistakes || by Adam Wardziński

Adam Wardziński is a top competitor in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene today. More importantly, he is a great instructor. He hails from Poland and has developed a butterfly guard position that many consider perhaps the most effective in a long time (also see Leo Santos of Nova Uniao).

Below Adam demonstrates 5 common mistakes from butterfly guard that are sure to help turbo-charge your butterfly game.

The first is: Wrong position of the body

The second is: Lack of control over arm

The third is: Not using the bottom leg

The fourth is: Hips open, knee too close to the central line of the opponent’s body

The fifth is: Wrong position of the head

It’s a MUST watch video for butterfly! Seriously.

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