Bowing In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Culture

bowing in bjj

In Jiu Jitsu students will often bow upon entering the mat.

Students will bow to one another as a greeting or a good bye.

Students may bow before and after sparring.

Practically speaking it’s a common sign of respect and humility.

Historically and at present bowing is considered to be a polite gesture in Japan.

During feudal times it is said that you would bow in front of an armed samurai to show trust because he could easily take a swipe with a sword.

How about you and your Jiu Jitsu academy. Do you bow?

What are your thoughts on bowing?

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One Comment

  • When watching MMA in Asia was empressed when after submitting opponent they sometimes step back and do a full bow from there knees while the opposition is being revived.
    They say this shows respect and sportsmanship when watch I most agree. It also causes the crowd to respect the victor because of there humility.

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