BJJ: Smaller School vs Bigger School

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of being at a smaller or bigger Jiu Jitsu program.

Small BJJ School Advantages:

  1. More Attention: It goes without saying that any decent instructor will provide you with a lot of attention so you can get better fast.
  2. Closer With Students: Camaraderie can help not only your game but your life so that you have a close-knit family.
  3. Knowing & Trusting your training partners: It’s easy to trust one another if it’s all you have. If you don’t know someone in a big program you may not know how they roll and perhaps you can get injured.

Big BJJ School Advantages:

  1. More bodies to roll with: Different games, styles, body types, this is all inherent with a larger quantity of students. This diverse atmosphere can enhance your game.
  2. More contacts: In life contacts and connections are great for many reasons, business and family being just a few.
  3. More fun: Having a large atmosphere is often more fun than just a small group of students. Big teams sometimes have other perks such as access to many schools.

These are just a list of advantages of both small and larger Jiu Jitsu programs. What are your thoughts and preferences?

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