BJJ Etiquette: Talking Over The Teacher In Jiu Jitsu Class

Jiu Jitsu etiquette

We all know this guy.

The person who will talk over the teacher when the teacher is teaching. It happens in many educational settings.

The problem is when it interrupts the classes attention or is rude to the teacher.

What happens is this…

When the teacher is teaching a move this person will likely interrupt or comment about a different way or a “better” way to do something. They may even answer other students questions over the teacher.

It’s not bad to have ideas or answers. It’s just the timing of the ideas or answers that is often the issue.

If a teacher is prepared for a class and teaches the move to a group of students it is easy for students to lose focus on what is being taught if interrupted.

So a student should wait until the right time to comment or ask questions.

Generally after the move is taught a teacher will ask if there are any questions. If it is an in-depth question you may want to wait until the teacher lets the class drill then individually ask the teacher so others do not get confused.

The key is to be respectful of the timing of the questions and comments and not to teach others while the teacher is teaching the technique to the class.

Questions and comments are great otherwise.

What do you think about this topic?

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