At What Belt Rank Should You Open A BJJ School & Be Head Instructor?

what belt rank can teach jiu jitsu

A lot of people love Jiu Jitsu – it is their “passion.” Following your passion is something people believe in doing and succeeding at. On the other hand there are also starving artists who have followed their passion with pride and later sadly regretted it.

Mentioning this, if you are not very good at your craft but love it then you either have to (or should) get very good – which takes time. Or in the meantime you can also get good at being a people person or coach who can teach well. Generally a combination of the 2 seems to suffice for success.

Look at Atos for example. Andre Galvao is a super successful competitor and he is also a great coach who seems to be a very open-minded supportive leader.

Look at the Gracie Academy, they appeal to everyone and have very respectable coaches who were great at Jiu Jitsu, amazing teachers and businessman. They seem to have it all in terms of running a successful Jiu Jitsu academy.

These examples are of extreme success. But it shows what is possible. Neither of these two examples happened over night. Both of them spent many years honing their craft as athletes/competitors/owners and teachers.

So what belt rank must a person be to open up their own school, maybe even put their name on the brand?

It’s really up to the person and their ambition opening the gym.

Having said that not many people will want to learn from someone who has little skill. Nor do many want to learn from a champion who has a bad attitude.

It may also come down to supply and demand.

Years ago there were not many black belts in America so many schools started with lower belts such as blue or purple.

Today if you are a blue belt and taught self-defense and Jiu Jitsu in an area with limited teachers you may be okay business-wise. But if the supply of teachers is all upper level belts with skills and business acumen you may have a hard time competing with their business model. It’s not to say it can’t work out. But it may be a bit more difficult.

The reality is any belt can teach if they are honest about their credentials and a person wants to learn from them.

But is there a barometer in your opinion in regard to rank in order to have a Jiu Jitsu school?

Can a good white belt teach as head instructor?

A blue belt?

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Let us know in the comments…


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