9 Signs You Are A Jiu Jitsu Junkie

signs you are a bjj junkie

Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport – it is an addiction. People who do it alter their lifestyle for the better. With that comes some tell-tale signs of your investment in the sport. Let’s take a look at 9 signs of being a Jiu Jitsu Junkie below:

  1. You spend your extra money on Jiu Jitsu gear. It’s hard to not buy the next new DVD series by Gordon Ryan or a new Gi by Shoyoroll.
  2. You wear Gi pants out. This happens a lot. Especially if you are immediately going for some acai after class. Gi pants are comfortable and sometimes we tend to wear them even when we don’t have to.
  3. Most of your tops are Jiu Jitsu shirts. When you go to a BJJ school you are going to support it by buying shirts. You will rep your favorite BJJ brands. If you go to events you want to show it off. But above all Jiu Jitsu t-shirts are usually more comfortable than other ones.
  4. You are always on your phone watching Jiu Jitsu techniques or matches. This is normal. You are hanging out with family or friends outside of Jiu Jitsu but you are thinking about Jiu Jitsu. You just want to check out a few matches. But hours go by and you are glued to your phone.
  5. You call people at your job “bro.” Bro is a common way to address your BJJ homeys. “Good to see you bro.” Good sweep bro.” You get the drift. It is a common relaxed term to address your Jiu Jitsu friends. You get so used to it you start calling everyone “bro.”
  6. You flash the Shaka sign in family picture. In Jiu Jitsu photos it’s common to see the Shaka sign. So when you are taking family photos you feel the need to keep your hands busy. Flashing the thumbs up usually won’t cut it. So you go all in with the Shaka sign.
  7. You’re always sore. Your girl wants to see a play or wants you to take her out to an expensive dinner. “Ah but I’m sore hun.” When you train you are usually sore if you are a Jiu Jitsu Junkie. Sometimes when you are sore you can’t say no to one more roll so you end up more sore.
  8. Wear flip flops when it’s cold out. Wearing flip flops are comfortable. Havaianas are easy to slip on and off rather than lacing up tennis shoes. BJJ is a relaxed lifestyle so you want to keep your feet out in the sunlight.
  9. You do laundry everyday. There is no shortage of laundry detergent around if you are a Jiu Jitsu Junkie. You need to wash your Gis and gear on the daily. You become an expert at overstuffing the washer and delicately watching the dryer hoping to not shrink your gear.

Ha Ha, these a just a few signs of being a Jiu Jitsu junkie. Can you think of any others we have not listed?

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