9 Reasons People Change Jiu Jitsu Schools

BJJ schools are like a family. Yet like many families, separation occurs. Let’s take a look at 9 reasons people change Jiu Jitsu schools below.

  1. Wrong Instructor For The Student. This happens a lot. The student and instructor have different expectations and diverging personalities. Without getting into the nitty gritty one of them may need an adjustment or they both be fine but have differing views.
  2. Drama Or Bad Vibes. You don’t want to immerse yourself in a toxic environment where people are talking crap about one another or just emotionally draining people. You deserve support right? You go to Jiu Jitsu to de-stress not take on more of it.
  3. “Cult-Like” Mentality. You don’t want to be in a program where you feel stuck in a situation with people in control of your life who are negative. It may be hard if there are zealous acolytes blinded by what is going wrong. It’s Jiu Jitsu for damn sake, not the mob. If you are in this type of situation find a way out. BJJ is supposed to be freedom from the negative and a fun positive.
  4. Too Pricey For You. I think no BJJ school is too pricey if it delivers on it’s service. Having said that if a school just keeps up-selling but you feel there is little added value (or they really do not care) then you may reconsider programs. Or you may have to conserve funds due to your situation. It’s case-by-case.
  5. Not Your Style. Some programs may be MMA based, self-defense or sport. You may be a competitor who is just doing self-defense. Or vice versa.
  6. Moved Location. We move far away so we change schools. Simple.
  7. Unsafe Training Atmosphere. If guys are getting hurt left and right and you feel people are not under control then save your body.
  8. Dirty environment. They say bathrooms tell a lot about a company so start there. If there are constant rashes or a constant stench then you may want to go elsewhere. Staph can be nasty and dangerous. Let’s be real (if you have had it you know)
  9. Teammates leave. Sometimes you are in a group and find another group is better for your group. This happens often and can be a positive depending on your situation.

That does it for this list. Be sure to communicate with your instructor and thank them when you leave (or not if it is toxic then simply go). Can you think of anything else to add then please do so below in the comments?

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