7 Things NOT To Do During Jiu Jitsu Class

things not to do in bjj sparring

Jiu Jitsu is a fun place. We go there to be immersed in the positive culture. Here are some ways to keep it that way so you won’t be an outcast.

  1. Slamming a person from guard or while in a submission. Most schools and rules do not allow this. If you understand this rule and still do this be prepared for someone to get upset.
  2. Pulling fingers. This generally happens with beginners because they may not know the rules (which they should if the professor tells them). Pulling individual finger digits can break a finger and really piss your sparring partner off. Don’t do it.
  3. Wearing an unwashed Gi. Man oh man, please wash your gear prior to training. You may think it doesn’t stink but it does if you haven’t washed it. Dirty Gis also can contain bacteria that could get on someone you are rolling with. Please wash your gear and if you really must train get a clean loaner Gi.
  4. Talking while professor is teaching. People are in class to see friends but when it is time for a lesson you need to keep quiet and pay attention. No one likes to plan a lesson and then have someone talking while they are teaching. It is rude and can be obnoxious not only to your teacher but others who are trying to learn.
  5. Running into other groups with reckless abandon. When you roll know where you are at during all times. Also be aware of other groups. Major injuries can occur if you bull-doze into another group. It can be hard enough to control your opponent but to be aware of other groups falling into you can be a disaster.
  6. Training with an infection or sickness. If you are sick do yourself a favor and stay home. Spend some time with family or studying but don’t get other people sick. Jiu Jitsu is close contact so the chances are usually high you will get someone else sick if you are contagious.
  7. Not greeting people and being a jerk. You may be a shy or timid person (like myself) but you have to make an effort to smile and greet others. It’s easy, “how are you doing brother?” is all it may take or a hug and a handshake. BJJ is family to a lot of people so say hello and good-bye with a big smile no matter how you feel. Positives vibes only so they say.

Any other things NOT to do in Jiu Jitsu you can think of?

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  • […] READ: 7 Things NOT To do during Jiu Jitsu class […]

  • Know your own strength and recognize there are times you are with a smaller partners, older partners or opposite sex, or even all three combined. This is a class to learn and accidents happen yes, but if you are the one who is consistently hurting other students you may need to reevaluate your techniques. Be aware of who you are training with and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Brush your teeth and tongue or at least chew some sugar free gum and drink water before coming to class so your breath doesn’t stink. Also, shower daily and don’t expect deoderant or cologne or perfume to “cover up” your dirtiness. That is like spraying a poop diaper with febreeze and thinking it’s okay to shove in someone’s face.

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