6 Excuses To Give Your Spouse So You Can Train BJJ

Sometimes it is hard to get mat time. We have families, work and busy lives. In order to get the time to train you may have to barter or ask it as a favor. Below are 7 “excuses” to give your spouse so you can train BJJ. Many of these excuses are written in a jovial manner in case you are uptight, lol.

  1. Belt ceremony. When there is a belt ceremony it is a special occasion. Your wife or partner should let you go especially for this.
  2. Special guest seminar. Someone special is in town and you MUST go to class.
  3. It’ll only be an hour. I tell this to my wife all the time. It is only an hour but you know how it goes we stay after and that can take two hours. I recommend to text and give updates so you are in time for dinner.
  4. I need to go in order to protect you. It’s true, BJJ can help you save your families life if you are attacked so you must go.
  5. Makes you healthier so you can live longer. This is true. Your family wants you around. Jiu Jitsu improves your life and happiness so you can be this way with others.
  6. I’m helping teach. Hey, if the professor relies on you you must be there on time. No spouse could refuse this.

This was a small list of reasons you can give in order to train Jiu Jitsu. If you can think of any other reasons feel free to comment below. Share this article with a friend who can’t seem to come to class.


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