5 Ways To Show Respect Toward Your Jiu Jitsu Training Partners

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Let’s take a look at 5 ways to respect and get along with your training partners.

  1. Shake hands and bump fists. Prior to rolling you shake your partners hand and bump fists as a sign of respect and friendship. You guys are on the same team and not looking to kill each other but to learn from one another while rolling. Right? And if you go hard that’s fine but you respect one another enough to keep it as safe as possible.
  2. Smile before the roll and ask them how they have been or a short easy to answer question while you are waiting for the time buzzer to go off. You don’t want to be cold toward a person because they may think you are angry or something. You never know what goes through people’s heads.
  3. If they are a beginner take it easy. It’s easy to mop up a true beginner if you have experience. However it may not help you or them. It’s okay to get into dominant positions and guide people if you have shown superiority. So help them because when you need a training partner you may have one you helped develop.
  4. Compliment them when good techniques get done to you. If you do something positive it’s always good to hear feedback. Same goes for others. You don’t have to talk during sparring but sometimes great techniques occur and it’s okay to throw a compliment during or after the roll. Like “great job!”
  5. Thank them and ask them when they are coming in again. After class or after training thank the person for the rolls and say “when you coming in again man?” It’s courteous, makes people feel like they belong and that means a lot to people.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to list them below.

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