5 Simple Tips For Aging Jiu Jitsu Athletes

Getting older in Jiu Jitsu and feeling young

Are we getting older or gaining more wisdom? Or both, lol?

Either way the mats are a challenging place.

The mats can eat your body up if you let it.

But there are ways to fight back and stay on the mat longer and stronger.

Let’s take a look at 7 simple tips for aging Jiu Jitsu athletes below:

  1. Concede. If a guy is twice as young, twice as athletic and twice your size then concede. Concede that you will NOT beat this person at their own game. Concede that it MAY be dangerous and you may have to let this person gain some positions in order to not get injured. That’s all. It doesn’t mean lose the war, just let some battles go by the wayside until things settle down – then set your attacks with efficiency and precision rather than trying to match the athlete’s pace and power.
  2. Rest/Take Off From Training Jiu Jitsu. If you feel pain take time off until you do not. Jiu Jitsu is unforgiving on your body. Just ask all the people who no longer do it why they do not. Guarantee you most of them will claim an injury. Rest does not mean lazy. Do other activities. Study. You want to train at 100% everyday if you can so why train at 80%, then 60%, etc., because you keep getting hurt and it keeps getting worse? You use everybody part when you train so it’s hard to avoid any injured parts while training.
  3. Eat better. If you feel slow or not as strong as others then it may be time to change your nutrition. Look into foods that help you have energy and help you recover. Whole foods rather than processed foods are often helpful. Cut down on sugar and most fats. You can’t turn back the clock but eating better you can do at any age.
  4. Sleep more. SAs we get older sometimes we do too much (family, work, training – balance). Our body needs more sleep. Do your best to get between 8-10 hours if you are training hard. Test out where your needed sleep-time falls in order to feel good on the mats.
  5. Change your style up. If you have to ask yourself how long until your body will break with your current style maybe change it up a bit. If you are older and inverting and notice your back is getting jacked up maybe play a different guard such as half or quarter guard. Try some new options for longevity.

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These are just 5 simple tips for aging Jiu Jitsu athletes. Technique is what means the most so don’t sell yourself short. Age doesn’t mean you have to lose to anyone. It is not an excuse to stop Jiu Jitsu. It just means you have to be a bit smarter and more technical – both good things.


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