5 Signs You’ve Been Doing Jiu Jitsu A Long Time

5 signs of long time bjj

Jiu Jitsu aka the gentle art is not always so gentle. Let’s take a look at 5 signs a person has been around the game a long time.

  1. Cauliflower ears are a dead give away. These form in a moment or over years of grappling. If you don’t have them consider yourself lucky especially if you have been training a long time. It happens when you are grinding with a head inside position or when you accidentally get banged in the ear. And when it happens people still try to train more and more and it gets worse and worse. Over time it adds up. You will get asked all the time if you are a “fighter” by the general public.
  2. Have knee issues. Most people who do Jiu Jitsu have messed up knees. When it rains out they feel them acting up like arthritis. You use all of your body when you train so it is what it is.
  3. Have constant back pain. Playing guard or leaning over when passing will add up on your back. Common concern is our backs and after time it gets worse.
  4. You’ve seen the movie Choke and then began training. This is an old school MMA documentary with Rickson Gracie that inspired a lot of people to train. It showed the martial artists side of MMA where the Jiu Jitsu artist is seen as much more than an athlete. It is a must watch for any serious Jiu Jitsu player and inspired many to begin training back in the day.
  5. You now train with hardly anyone you started with. When you’ve been in the game a long time you start to notice others aren’t. They have quit or moved to another school, location or maybe you have moved schools. Things happen, time goes by, family, injuries, life gets in the way. Only the strong survive. If it is you reading this then count your blessings.

Any other signs you can think of that are dead give-a-ways of long-time grapplers?

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