5 Reasons You Should Train With White Belts in BJJ

We were all white belts at one point and something very useful for us was training with upper belts. If white belts always sparred with one another and not upper belts perhaps it would be hard to measure themselves, among other things. While some white belts may be very raw and some seasoned, the learning process must still go on. This article in no way reflects an exhaustive list of all white belt or upper belt qualities. Everyone has their own set of unique qualities. Below we take a look at “5 Reasons You Should Train With White Belts in BJJ.”

  1. White belts are great test for our precision with techniques. White belts will often give a natural reaction to a technique and can be unexpected. So in order to use and prefect our techniques we must be ready for all scenarios.
  2. Self-Defense. Some white belts do not have their physical bearings in check when it comes to their body awareness and it can seem almost like a street altercation. Their movements can be unexpected and an upper belt must be able to control them in order to dictate the pace and control them.
  3. Work on new techniques. Sometimes when we embark on a new technique we have to first test it out and develop it at the lower belt level before trying it against an upper belt. Having a lower belt to develop can be a unique key for this.
  4. It helps develop the white belt. Working with a lower belt allows you to develop a future training partner. In what manner are they going to grow and progress? For the most part in the manner you teach them and the example you set – like moulding clay.
  5. It’s a good ego check. Some white belts may have a strong position or natural strength that can catch an upper belt in a submission or bad position. Surely we have all tapped at some point to a lower belt. A white belt with superior wrestler or judo may pass our guard better than a normal white belt. They help keep us level-headed and our egis in check. No awards are won in the practice gym so what happens happens in there so we can all learn.

I hope you have found this article useful. Feel free to share it with a friend. Comment any other benefits of training with a white belt in Jiu Jitsu below.

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